McDonald's at 5911 US Highway 1 North, Jacksonville

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Food Restaurant Cafe


Price level: Inexpensive

Phone: +1 904-765-4016

Address: 5911 US Highway 1 North, Jacksonville, FL 32209


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Posted at Apr, 13 2020

Seems like the Mcdonalds owner on US-1 could care less what the customers are saying. Im still going to warn you, this is the absolute worst Mcdonalds i have ever stepped into. The girl at the register on 6-13-17 was rude and not helpful at all! A man came in and said where is my food and she got smart and said" I told you it would be a quick 3-4 minutes. The girl slammed his fries in his bag he said thanks and you didnt have to throw them in my bag, she said oh i can show you slamming them bring your bag back!! I got 2 mcflurrys that apparently reg. Size are in kids size cups hand made with crushing the cookies and rolos half way down in cup then put broken lids that were slid accrossed the counter and put on my kids mcflurrys. I got 1 small ff for my son it took 10min to get when i got it it was in a large bag with no napkins or ketchup. I said may i please get a few ketchup packs. She gave me a rude glare and threw them in my bag, and walked away. No thank you have a good day, sorry for the wait. Worst service and better yet the MOD was right there. You are located in a great location and you should appreciate the people who choose to spend there money in your establishment, i think some customer service training is WAY overdo. Sorry so long just wanted to let everyone know.

★ ★ ★ ★
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